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Intro Program - 
Part 1 of Ikigai Coach Certification

This program is designed to help you find your own 'value of living'. It is suitable for anyone who wishes to increase their joy in life. This may include people who feel there is something missing in their life; people going through a major transition; people who are feeling uncertain about life choices they need to make; or just meaningful gifts for those with a passion for lifelong learning.


It uses an understanding of traditional Japanese Ikigai, combined with psychology, neuroscience & climate action coaching, to enable participants to find their own sustainable joy in life.


There are 8 x 1hr live webinars. These will be recorded, so those not able to attend in person can still benefit from the learning, & there will be the opportunity to submit questions in advance, which again those not able to attend in person may find particularly helpful. There are also activities & reflections to undertake in between the webinars.


All participants who attend or watch the webinars & successfully undertake the activities & reflections will receive a certificate of completion. Those who are interested in coaching others can carry on to the subsequent levels, building on this foundation, to learn how to coach individuals & groups in Ikigai.

Understanding Basic Concept & Ikigai Models x2, along with Ethical Practice & developing your own unique Ikigai Coaching Mindset. Starting to increase your own awareness of what brings more joy into your life. Linking to 1st ICF Core Competency called the “Foundation”...

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