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Heather-Jane's Story

My background in Health, Wellbeing & Organisational Development (OD) has been driven by my passion of helping people to achieve potential - finding more joy & meaning in life. This aligns well with my own Ikigai, living my personal values-based vision of leveraging wisdom to make the world a better place... 

Witnessing the tragic unfolding of many socio-economic, geopolitical & global challenges from climate change, led me to the creation of Thriving with Ikigai™ after more than 30 years in Values-based Leadership & Cultural Change - helping as many people as possible, move towards a more sustainable life-affirming culture. I am grateful that nursing was my first career, as I've never had a struggle to find my purpose in life. As an executive, I still care deeply about empowering individuals to be their best selves & this naturally led me into the profession of coaching. With genuine kindness, curious questions, & supportive listening, everyone can live a more unique, joyful & meaningful life. Experiencing ikigai, allows us to draw value from memories; experience true mindfulness in the present; & gain happiness from the anticipatory pleasure of a hopeful future.  

What's my Ikigai?

On a large scale, my ikigai is empowering individuals & organisations to find their unique core purpose, achieve their aspirations, & live their values more sustainably. On a smaller & yet no less important scale, I enjoy many pleasures - family, friends, tai chi, meditation, ‘forest bathing’, gardening, golf, swimming, art, bridge & singing. In the past, I was never happier than spending Winter skiing & Summer scuba-diving...there’s something sublime about experiencing the wonder of nature through all our 5 senses.  

Much of my personal time these days is divided between my family, travel & doing what I can as a climate activist – meeting wonderfully diverse people also involved in the Climate Reality Project (CRP), Climate Coaching Alliance (CCA), Climate & Health Alliance (CAHA) & the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF).

What I Offer?

As an experienced International Coaching Federation Master Certified Coach (MCC), also trained as a Wellbeing & Climate Reality Project (CRP) Leader/Coach, I specialise in the connected areas of Ikigai, Wellbeing, Climate & Executive/Leadership Coaching.  

Together we will co-create a personalised & fun program, underpinned with psychological & neuroscience approaches including Mindfulness integrated Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (MiCBT); Multiple Brain integration Technique (MBiT); Emotional (EQ); Conversational (C-IQ); & Positive Intelligence (PQ) to build on your existing self-awareness, address any potential underlying limiting beliefs, & discover your true purpose. 

Integrating work on mindset & adaptability, I will enable you to channel your limited energy, time & resources, to nurture sustainable & life-affirming behaviours aligned with your values-based purpose. 

I partner with young graduates; busy executives; people facing mid/late-life transitions; or simply those who wish to re-invent themselves to feel happier & more spiritually connected to their own life’s essence. 

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