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Alison's Story

I have always been fascinated by the big questions in life. I studied philosophy, psychology & politics at university. I considered myself a seeker for many years, & investigated many self-development & spiritual paths. Even though I was outwardly successful, I felt I was not good enough, and I believed that this drove me to be successful. I attended course after course, & have a vast array of diplomas & other qualifications, & have read ALOT of books.  

I looked everywhere, except the one place that would help. It’s so often said that it can seem a cliché, but looking within was where I found the answers I have so far. I was very lucky to find two excellent teachers, one from the Three Principles community & one who is a Tibetan Buddhist.  They were pivotal in helping me to understand how to look within, & it is this understanding, that I now work with, taking a postmodern approach where I support people to follow their own wisdom & heart.  

What's my Ikigai?

To consciously embody the evolution of the universe. How do I live this? 

  • Through my work:  My intention is to help people realise their potential & increase their wellbeing. This contributes towards creating a world where we are operating from a higher level of consciousness, with more kindness, joyfulness & creativity, & less materialism, judgement & suffering.  I do my best to model that myself, more successfully on some days than others.  

  • Through my spiritual practice:  I love nature. I believe we are rapidly approaching the final tipping points in global warming, & that if we are to avoid breaching them, we must urgently address climate change. I see my work as supporting addressing these issues, & currently am participating in groups & initiatives directly addressing climate change.  

  • Through my hobbies: I love embodiment practices. For me, spiritual practice is not about transcending the body, but being fully in it. I regularly dance and do yoga, for example. I help run an over 50s contemporary dance group & am a member of Third Bite Dance Performance Company.  

I live with my partner & two gorgeous elderly cats in Sheffield, UK.  I am a geek, and love astronomy and science-fiction in all its forms, including films, books and comics.  

What I Offer?

I support people who are dealing with lack of confidence, imposter syndrome, worry & insecurity to uncover their natural confidence, resilience, & security.  I help people who feel there is something missing in their life to find fulfilment.  I explore with clients how their experience operates, & who they really are, informing this with spirituality, neuroscience & psychology.   

I am a Chartered Accountant & Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development. I have extensive experience of working at senior levels in large organisations. I use this experience to support individuals working in corporate environments to find ways to enhance their leadership, productivity & wellbeing in the workplace.  

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