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Advanced Program - 
Part 3 of Ikigai Coach Certification

Entry to this level is open to those who have both:

  • Built a solid foundation of personal understanding of their own Ikigai, through our Thriving with Ikigai Introductory Program.

  • Have a depth of knowledge & experience in coaching individuals to find & develop their Ikigai, through our Thriving with Ikigai Intermediate Program.


This program uses an understanding of traditional Japanese Ikigai, combined with psychology, neuroscience & climate change, to enable participants to understand how to coach groups to find their own sustainable joy in life. An ICF Master Certified Mentor Coach & Professional Supervisor, who is also certified in the above methodologies, provides insight into achieving coaching mastery with individuals & teams/groups.


There are 8 x 1hr live webinars. These will be recorded, so those not able to attend in person can still benefit from the learning, & there will be the opportunity to submit questions in advance, which again those not able to attend in person may find particularly helpful. There are also activities & reflections to undertake in-between the webinars.


All participants who attend or watch the webinars & successfully undertake the activities & reflective practice activities will receive a certificate of completion.


Satisfactory completion of all 3 Programs, along with the coaching practice & reflection assignments, leads to becoming an SG Certified Ikigai Coach*.

Our Ikigai Coaches will then be eligible to join our ongoing community for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) & optional Mentor Coaching. Membership for the 1st year is included in the investment of the 3 Programs.

Communication Effectively & becoming a Confident Certified Ikigai Coach based on the ICF 8 Core Competences, & SG’s unique evidence-based assessment process. With insights & support on how you may wish to go forward as an Ikigai Coach with your own business, including a range of optional CPD webinars to further enhance & embed your development. Linking to 6th, 7th & 8th ICF Core Competencies which cover all aspects of communicating effectively with clients & stakeholders...

*SG stands for Synergy Global Pty Ltd the parent company of Thriving with Ikigai & the Certification Organisation.

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