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Embracing the ancient philosophy of purpose

Joy in Life

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The word Ikigai is made up of the verb ikiru & the suffix gai. Ikiru means to live & gai means value or worth. So combined as ikigai, the word means "the value of living".

This diagram isn’t actually Ikigai, though you will often see it described as if it is. It was created by Andres Zuzunaga (2012) as a diagram for purpose. It was then picked up by Marc Winn, a blogger, who linked it to Ikigai & it went viral (2014).

Embracing the ancient philosophy of purpose. One can have more than one ikigai & it can change over one’s lifetime – it’s dynamic – it evolves as you develop; if you nurture your potential with daily Reflective Practice (RP)….you already have it – you just have to reveal it! Ikigai is our “raison d’être” (reason for being/life philosophy).


It’s the passion we have that gives meaning to our days & encourages us to be our best with the world. 

We see the benefits of Ikigai as:

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We will help you to find joy in life. Using our understanding from science, art, spirituality & coaching,

we will enable you to identify your social ecology. 

Empowering you to make sustainable choices, which support your wellbeing & that of your community – plus our planet - making the world a better place.

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